CHEPSTOW Fairtrade Forum welcomed walkers from the first Fairtrade town in Wales on Friday 26th June, before the forum travelled on to a conference in Bristol.

The walkers had come from Ammanford in Carmarthenshire and were travelling more than 100 miles via Chepstow, which has been a Fairtrade town since 2006, to the International Fair Trade Towns Conference at the Bristol Science Centre.

Chepstow's forum met with the walkers when they arrived on Thursday evening for their overnight stop, and then saw the group on their way for the last leg of the journey, with Chepstow Mayor Dale Brooke joining members of Chepstow Fairtrade Forum.

The forum then represented the town at the Fairtrade conference which saw more than 250 delegates from 21 different countries.

Tanya White, Chair of the Chepstow Fairtrade Forum, commented on the conference, saying: "It was great to hear of the ways that we can help to make a real difference to real people by simply considering our purchases in the light of being fair."