Yet another All Stars concert has raised cash for a chosen charity.

This time they have had their funds boosted by donation in memory of Carole Watkins who passed away this year. She was the wife of Dave Watkins, one of the band members..He and his son Lee, a Monmouth postman, added the £775 raised on her donations page to the All Stars £2,620 raised on the night and Ceri Smith from Alzheimers Research UK was given the money by Malcolm Butcher and the crew at the famous Coach House recording studio at Rockfield; the same studio that Oasis recorded "What’s the Story" and where ’Thunder’ laid down all their tracks.The Rockfield All Stars are all connected to the recording studios and include Ray Martinez, Dave Charles, Kingsley Ward and Dave Watkins, all who have played with the likes of Robert Plant and Dave Edmunds.Ceri said the charity is dedicated to causes, diagnosis, prevention, treatment and cure. "We are so grateful for the support, they have raised so much awareness in the community and raised vital funds for dementia research. Events like this can help us make breakthroughs possible.