The recent meeting of Monmouth’s Chamber of Trade and Commerce held a special meaning to the members as they thanked the retiring chairman, David Cummings for his tireless work on their behalf over 13 years.

He has been exceptionally good at lobbying: he was largely responsible for the town getting the car park on Rockfield Road, and has been a vocal champion of additional hotel space. When the businesses were revalued three years ago, he advocated for a small business rate relief scheme to be put in place and has always been keen to maintain a high level of occupancy in the town’s retail premises.

He lobbied hard on the issues surrounding the Hadnock Road hotel and spa, and the Dixton roundabout plans, always keeping a close eye on any proposals affecting Monmouth.

He was responsible for the introduction and creation of a new town map and the adoption by the Chamber of the map stands kept them in good order. Interpretation has been provided on the retail history of the town, thanks to David’s tenacity for finding money pots that didn’t seem to exist beforehand, all of which has enhanced the visitor experience. Chamber Secretary David Evans paid tribute to David who was then presented with a gift by the new acting chair, Sherren McCabe-Finlayson.

David Cummings thanked not only the committee and chamber members for their support, but also town and county councillors and county council officers: "The number and scale of my achievements on behalf of the chamber have only been possible because all those I have mentioned have listened to reasoned argument. Success can only be achieved when all key stakeholders are working towards the same objective".