A PUB in Caldicot that closed in 2011 could to be converted into houses. Ye Olde Tippling Philosopher situated on Chepstow Road, was originally built in the 18th century as a farmhouse but later became a public house. Plans for the site include the development of seven new houses and the demolition of extensions around the pub. The pub itself is proposed to be converted into two homes with a further five homes to be built on the pub's site. Four of the five dwellings built on site around the pub will be semi-detached. One dwelling will be built using three walls of a barn belonging to the pub and a small stable located on the site. The planning application was deferred in March this year by Monmouthshire County Council (MCC) and has since been revised to incorporate a widened driveway to improve access. Caldicot Town Council approved the plans and had no objection to the conversion of the pub itself. It was, however, opposed to the new properties to be built around the pub as they would overlook existing properties in Deepweir. A decision on whether or not to approve the plans was due to be made by (MCC) as the Beacon went to press.