THE MAYOR of Chepstow, Councillor Tony Redhead has awarded the Red and White Bus Company with a plaque commemorating them for the positive impact they had on the community.

At the commemoration event on 22nd September, two red vintage buses were out on display for all the guests to see, one a single decker from 1967, the second, a double decker from 1949.

One guest, John Probert, a bus enthusiast of many years, described the event as a success, saying: “We could have passed on the weather but it was still a good event”.

John went on to explain how quite a few people turned up to the event despite the poor weather conditions, including former employees, bus enthusiasts like himself, local councillors and business leaders. All were in attendance to watch the ceremony celebrating this company for its hard work and service to the community. Afterwards, many of the guests were invited to take a short trip on one of the vintage buses, following a former bus route from Chepstow to Lydney bus station.

The White and Red Bus Company meant a lot to the community, which was shown on Saturday through the support and praise they received at the event. John, when asked about the impact the buses had on the local area and what he thought it meant to the community said: “It is a shame we haven’t got them now. They were always on time and there was always one there when you needed it. They were really well received within the community too. It’s a pity to see them go.”

Though these buses are not running anymore they are still being shown at many local rallies and most importantly the memory of what the company achieved and what they did still lives on in the community.

By Thomas Ashby