DRIVERS in Monmouth currently have nowhere in town to fill up their vehicles, after its only petrol station closed for an apparent refurbishment last week.

According to former staff members, the business has changed hands and will be closed for at least two weeks, but there appears to have been no statement about when it might reopen.

It has not apparently been announced who is taking over the station, or what brand the shop will be.

New owners are rumoured to be Shell, but motorists are pretty much in the dark.

Drivers currently face a three-mile journey up the A40 to fill up, although the northbound Whitchurch services is also behind fences undergoing work, with motorists thus having to cross the bridge to access the southbound Apple station in Symonds Yat West.

They can also travel five miles north to Broad Oak, five miles east to Coleford or seven miles west to Raglan Services or Phillips Auto Services in Llanishen

One Monmouth New Businesses Facebook post said: “Does anyone know where the nearest petrol station is from Monmouth. Forgot to fill up before garage closed & then went on holiday, so have come back to an empty tank.”