I am writing to ask for your support and understanding regarding the reasons that I have chosen to strike:

It is with a heavy heart I choose to strike. No teacher wants children to miss out on their education, or to inconvenience parents.

As a specialist teacher, who lives in Abergavenny and teaches in Wales, who has had the privilege of visiting a great many schools over the past 11 years I have seen a gradual erosion of resources and staffing ratios, combined with an increase in need.

The numbers of pupils entering school with significant delays in communication, and the number of pupils with complex social emotional and educational needs, has sky rocketed.

Teachers are burnt out and many are seeking a way out. Recruitment and supply cover have become challenging.

Last year's pay rise had to be taken out of the existing school budget. Combined with increased energy costs this is forcing many heads to make redundancies at a time when they are seeking to implement dramatic curriculum and additional learning needs reforms.

If we invest in education we invest in our future and over time increase prosperity, reduce crime and develop skills. Just what we need for a flourishing economy and society.

Sarah Bryan

Specialist Teacher