You’re off to the garage, and the car behind is sounding his horn and flashing his lights.

You wonder whether it’s something you’ve done?

Did you inadvertently cut someone up at the roundabout?

Or it could be because your car is on fire!

This could have been the case on Monday 24th June on Cinderhill Street when the Rev Kevin Cecil was taking his car to the garage to have it looked at.

He was alerted by the driver behind him of a problem and pulling over at the chip shop, realised the back of his car was on fire.

Luckily he was able to escape and stood by as fire crews were mobilised and successfully extinguished the fire.

Monmouth police officers attended to close the road while firefighters extinguished the blaze.

Monmouthshire County Council were informed, due to the need for road repairs.

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service confirmed that the vehicle was not occupied when the fire service arrived and there were no injuries.

Some may suspect divine intervention, but a more realistic reason is probably down to earthly considerations.