The new 20mph speed limits covering all residential and town centre streets have gone live in Monmouth.

A Monmouthshire Council post at 6pm on Monday (February 6) stated: “The new 20mph speed limit in Monmouth is now live.

“This new speed limit is designed to make our streets safer for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Please ensure you follow the new speed limits – thank you.”

However, there was no official post on their website about the roll out of phase two of the county’s lower speed zones and the press haven’t been informed either, despite being told on January 24 that they would be.

Signs were initially installed before Christmas and then covered up before being uncovered again last month alongside ’Safer@20’ banners, causing confusion as many 30mph signs still remained in place.

Asked whether the 20mph zones were live at the time, a council spokesperson said on January 24: “The new 20mph limit rollout is still being implemented on site.

“Residents and the press will be notified when all zones go live.

“Unfortunately, covers obscuring the 20mph signs have been removed by the weather or others, creating confusion.”

However a new statement put out today by a council spokesperson said: “We can confirm the 20mph speed limit is now live throughout Monmouth and Wyesham. The remaining areas in Monmouthshire will be completed by summer this year.

“This work has been completed in advance of the Welsh Government’s national 20mph rollout due to be completed in the autumn of this year. At that time 20mph will become the default residential speed limit across all of Wales.”